VK5 Microwave Group

"VK5 Microwave" is an email group of VK5 amateur operators with an interest in microwaves. The initial focus will be on the upcoming winter VHF/UHF field day but, going forward, it will provide an easy mechanism for communicating with other microwave operators in VK5.

03-Jun-2011 Path Table (PDF)
17-Jun-2011 Bearing/Distance(PDF)

*** NEW - The Bare Mixer Challenge ***

The object of this exercise is to see how far you can work using a 'bare mixer' system on any amateur band from 23cm upwards.

For the purpose of this exercise, a 'bare mixer' system is as follows:
There is one diode mixer that is used for both transmit and/or receive.
The diode can be either a single diode, an antiparallel pair, a balanced mixer, etc. No active devices allowed.
The mixer must be coupled directly to the antenna; no gain stages are allowed at the operating frequency for transmit or receive.
The signal transmitted and/or received must be the mixer product. i.e. L.O. + I.F. or L.O. - I.F.

Start time: Now
End Time: Whenever

The station submitting a contact must be using a 'bare mixer' system.
Cross band contacts are permitted; just tell us the details.
The contact can be made using any mode you like.
The contact exchange must include, as a minimum, callsigns and a signal report.
It's not a requirement, but pictures and/or video of the contact would be nice for the club web site.
Repeat contacts are allowed (although not much point unless you're extending the distance).

Submit details to

View the submission table

None (except, perhaps, some sense of satisfaction).

Comments and/or suggestions are welcome (though may be ignored).
This is all just for fun and, given the relatively low cost of bare mixer systems, will hopefully encourage some new microwave operators.

Good luck.